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Subconscious Synergy:

Crafting Your Future Self Through Subconscious Empowerment and Mastery


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April 18TH

10:00AM - 3:00PM EDT


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You Will Learn

Cultivate Your Future Self To Let Go Of What's Holding You Back From Fulfilling Your Deep Purpose.

Discover The 5 Modalities Of Your True Authentic Self.

Navigate Your Emotional Landscape for Success.

Master Micro-Moments for Future Success

Overcome the Shackles of Past Failures.

I Created This Event To Serve As A Beacon For Those Who Feel Lost In The Noise Of The World And Crave A More Genuine Existence. I Understand That Many People Are Yearning For A Life That Aligns With Their True Values And Desires, Not One Dictated By External Expectations Or Societal Norms. This Program Is Designed To Be A Turning Point, Providing The Guidance, Tools, And Support Needed To Embark On A Journey Toward Self-discovery And Genuine Self-expression!

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Who Is This For?

This Super Workshop Is For You If You're An Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Subject Matter Expert, Thought Leader, Coach, Consultant, Creator, Solopreneur, Or Anyone Who Dreams Wants To Break Away From What Is Holding Them Back In Life!


Hi, I'm Lee Tunney Ware

I'm Here To Guard Your Future!

As The Founder Of The Subconscious Code Breaker™ Accelerator Where I Take High-Achievers to Greater Levels Of Success By Bringing Their Future Into The Now. We Do This By Hacking The Subconscious Mind.

What Most People Know About Me...

Is That I Run A Coaching & Consultancy Business "Transform Coaching & Consultancy Services", I Focus On Enriching The Lives Of Leaders.

My Approach Is Deep, Bespoke Coaching With Exponential Results.

Successful People, The Kind Of People You Would Assume Wouldn't Need A Coach, Are The Ones Who Call Me!!

I Am An Expert At Taking High-Achievers To Great Levels Of Success. I'm A Lifelong Student Of The Mind & Human Behaviour. I Offer A Unique, Remote Solution To Suit Individuals Who Are Committed To Their Own Success.

My Passion Is Coaching Those Who Coach As Well As CEOs, Trainers, Executives, Directors & Serial Entrepreneurs Who Need To Get Big Results In Less Time!

They Are Powerful, Passionate And Successful Individuals, Yet Whatever Is Coming Next Still Feels Like A Massive Leap. And I Help Them Make The Tiny Changes That Illicit Huge Results!

What Most People Don't Know About Me...

Is That I Was Bullied So Relentlessly At School That I Left Mainstream Education At The Age Of 8. I Have An Affinity With Animals, Especially Horses And Dogs, They Follow Me Everywhere!

I Have Never Been Employed. I Began My Entrepreneurial Journey At 12 Years Old. I Have Been Successful And Have Also Had Times When I've Struggled.

I Find It Difficult To Switch Off And Am Obsessed With Solving Problems!

Business Can Be Challenging, Marriage Can Feel Frustrating And Parenting Can Feel Overwhelming. I Am Great At Helping Others But I Also Recognize When I Need To Accept Help Myself!

Lastly, I Am A Loving Husband, A Devoted Father To 12, And A Servant Leader. Follow Me On LinkedIn By Clicking On The Photo To Be Part Of My Growing Network.

Why Should You Attend?

Learn A Proven Playbook To Decode Your Subconscious To Architect Your Future Today...

Unlock Your Hidden Potential, Architect Your Destiny, And Seize Your Dream Future, All While Owning And Reshaping Your Future Now!

What You Get

A LIVE Interactive Experience
An Immersive Experience To Guide You Forward With Real-Time Coaching

The Subconscious Code Breaker™ Framework Outlining The Components Of 5 Modalities to Your True Authentic Self

Lifetime Access To Recording So You Can Re-watch The Content At Your Speed.

Access To Private Community Page To Connect With Like-minded Individuals And Get Support.

Your Pathway To Not Only Gaining Deeper Connection With Your Inner Self But Also A Practical Toolkit To Bring You Into Your Today!


No-Fluff Commitment

This Event Comes With A No-fluff Guarantee. I Will Not Waste Your Time.

We’ll Get To The Point And Into Action Immediately. After That You’ll Have What You Need To Take Action. You Can Stay For Interaction And Practical Application, Or You Can Get Back To Your Day!

What A Few

Clients Have To Say

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Here's What We'll Cover

In The Super Workshop:


Session 1: Discover the 5 Modalities Of Your True Self

Delve Deep Into The Core Of Who You Truly Are As We Explore The 5 Modalities That Make Up Your Authentic Self. Through This, You'll Gain Profound Self-awareness And Develop The Ability To Stay True To Yourself In Any Situation.

By The End Of This Session, You'll Have Gained Profound Self-Awareness. You'll Leave With A Clearer Understanding Of Your Authentic Self And An Action Plan To Stay True To Your Core In Any Situation. This Is More Than Just An Exploration - It's The First Step Towards Embracing Your Authentic Self And Living A Life That's Truly Aligned With Who You Are.

(Each Session Will Go 45-50 Minutes With A 10 Minute Break)


Session 2: Navigating the Emotional Landscape for Success

Gain The Skills To Master Your Emotions And Use Them As A Compass Towards Success. You'll Learn How To Turn Emotional Awareness Into A Strategic Advantage, Ensuring That Every Step You Take Is Grounded In Emotional Intelligence And Clarity.

By The End Of This Session, You Will Have Harnessed The Power To Navigate Your Emotional Landscape With Confidence And Precision. Equipped With The Skills To Master Your Emotions, You'll Transform Them Into A Guiding Force For Achieving Your Goals. You'll Walk Away With Actionable Strategies To Leverage Your Emotional Awareness For Practical Success, Ensuring That Each Decision You Make Is Informed By A Deep Understanding Of Your Inner World. This Newfound Emotional Intelligence Will Become Your Secret Weapon, Propelling You Forward With Clarity And A Strategic Edge In Both Your Personal And Professional Life.

(Each Session Will Go 45-50 Minutes With A 10 Minute Break)


Session 3: Overcome the Shackles of Past Failures

Transform Your Relationship With Failure, Turning Past Disappointments Into Powerful Lessons. We’ll Guide You Through A Process Of Release And Recovery, So You Can Break Free From Negative Self-perceptions And Embrace The Resilience That Comes From Learning And Growth.

By The End Of This Session, You'll Have Revolutionized Your Perspective On Failure, Transforming It From A Source Of Regret Into A Catalyst For Personal Growth. We'll Lead You Through A Journey Of Healing And Understanding, Enabling You To Let Go Of The Burdens Of The Past. You Will Emerge With A Newfound Appreciation For The Resilience You Possess And A Clear Vision Of How Every Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback. You'll Not Only Accept Failure As An Integral Part Of The Learning Process But Also Celebrate It As An Essential Stepping Stone On The Path To Success.

(Each Session Will Go 45-50 Minutes With A 10 Minute Break)


Session 4: Cultivate Your Future Self

Plant The Seeds Of Your Future Success By Envisioning And Nurturing Your Ideal Self. This Session Will Provide You With The Tools To Design And Step Into The Future You Desire, Creating A Clear And Actionable Roadmap To The Life You're Meant To Lead.

By The End Of This Session, You Will Have Cultivated A Visionary Mindset, Essential For Sowing The Seeds Of Prosperity And Achievement. With The Practical Tools And Strategies Acquired Here, You'll Be Ready To Architect And Embrace Your Ideal Future. You'll Depart With A Precise And Actionable Blueprint In Hand, Poised To Navigate The Path Toward The Fulfilling Life You Are Destined To Lead.

(Each Session Will Go 45-50 Minutes With A 10 Minute Break)


Session 5: Master Micro-Moments for Future Success

Learn The Art Of Seizing The Small, Decisive Moments That Can Lead To Big Changes. We’ll Teach You How To Recognize And Act Upon These Micro-opportunities, Ensuring Consistent Progress Toward Your Long-term Goals.

By The End Of This Session, You Will Master The Art Of Capturing The Small, Decisive Moments That Pave The Way For Major Transformations. You'll Be Equipped With The Insight To Identify And Act Upon Micro-Opportunities, Guaranteeing Steady Advancement Towards Your Ambitious, Long-Term Aspirations.

(Each Session Will Go 45-50 Minutes With A 10 Minute Break)

You Will Leave This Event Equipped To DISSOLVE Your Personal Barriers & UNLEASH Your FUTURE NOW!

Don't Miss This Unique Experience!

In Fact, This Super Workshop Has A Monetary Value Of Thousands!

This Is The Same Knowledge Clients Pay Me Thousands Of Dollars To Consult Them On. 

But Call Me Crazy; 

I've Decided To Offer It For A Very Limited Time ....

For $100!!! 

Come Learn How To DISSOLVE Your Personal Barriers & UNLEASH Your FUTURE NOW!

No More Dreaming.

No More Wishing.

It's Time To Lean Deeper Into Your Life.

Join Us In The Subconscious Synergy Super Workshop.

What Are You Waiting For? 

Join Now While The Offer Is Available.

Guest Speakers

Come Learn From Others Who Have Successfully Implemented Lee's Teaching In Their Personal Lives And Have Transformed Their Dreams Into Reality!

A Bit The Challenge Champion™

Our Super Workshop Guide

Chris Colt

The Challenge Champion

Chris Is Here To Raise The Bar For Building Thriving Communities For Missions That Matter.

As The Founder Of The Challenge Champion™ Academy Community, He Teaches Service-Based Entrepreneurs How To Turn Strangers Into Loyal Clients Via Virtual Events.

His Proprietary Frameworks Enable Organizations And Individuals To Better Serve Their Audience While Generating Sales Faster.

With Over 25 Years In Sales, He Knows How To Build True Relationships. He Credits His Passion For Endurance Cycling And Sports For Giving Him The Knack For Creating Fun And Engaging Challenges That Clients Love. One Of His Personal Cycling Adventures Was Successfully Completing One Of The Hardest Mountain Bike Races On The Planet- The Leadville 100.

Lastly, He Is A Loving Husband, A Devoted Father, And A Servant Leader. Follow Him On LinkedIn By Clicking On The Photo To Be Part Of HIs Growing Network.

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April 18TH

10:00AM - 3:00PM EDT


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